A visit with Dr. Sacks

Three weeks ago I took my first flight, since brain surgery, to Punta Cana for a little R & R with my friend Elise.  I was very nervous about head pain due to the cabin air pressure that comes along with flying.  Since I had no side effects, (aside from my usual anxiety), I think it’s safe to say that I can check that worry off my post-Trudy list and be okay flying anywhere.  Hooray!  We had a wonderful time.

IMG_4477 IMG_4518

Also, I had an eye appointment with Dr. Sacks this past Thursday.  For those of you who don’t remember, he is the man who saved my life and will be forever my hero!  It’s been almost 9 months since my last eye exam with him when he stressed how important it was that I go see a neuro-ophthalmologist because something was causing some serious swelling behind my eyes.  We all know what happened after that.

My eye exam showed improvement in my vision once again and slight astigmatism in my left eye.  My prescription changed a bit—from a -.75 in each eye to a -.5 (again, if you wear glasses, this will make sense to you), and he gave me a corrective lens for my left eye astigmatism.  Being the wonderfully thorough doctor he is, he showed me the difference between seeing with and without the corrective lens in my left eye.  It made a huge difference!  It really sharpened the way I see out of my left eye.  Thanks, Dr.!

After the exam, he took fresh images of my optic nerves.  Again, if you can remember, this is what really worried Dr. Sacks last July and showed the severe papilledema, or swelling inside my head.  I am SO happy to share that the swelling is totally gone and my left optic nerve looks normal again!

If you look at the left images below you can see the cloudy/blurry white fuzz around my optic nerve.  That was the major swelling caused by Trudy.  The images on the right are my optic nerve today.  Kinda creepy, right?  I still cannot thank that man enough for going the extra mile that fateful day and finding this huge problem I called Trudy.  Dr. Sacks, you are the best!

2014-03-27 10.47.45

\2014-03-27 10.46.27


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