Peace out, 2013!

Last Monday, 12/23/13, I had a five-month follow-up MRI.  Once again, it was claustrophobic, totally sucked, took forever, was seriously loud (even for a one-eared person), etc. etc.  However, I’m glad it’s over and I will be getting the results on January 6 when I meet with Dr. Anderson.  Fingers crossed Trudes is completely gone or shrunken smaller than the chickpea-size she was one month post-op.  As you recall, they had to leave a small portion of her in my head because her fat butt is stuck on my facial nerve.

Anywho, since it is New Years Eve (AKA the most hyped-up and overrated holiday of the year where you’re all like “OMG- what are your planssss?!” or “I’m going to this killer party in the city!”) I think it’s time that I say good bye to 2013, once and for all!  I hope I don’t make you all cry again, like I apparently did on Thanksgiving (sorry about that)…

As you can all assume, 2013 was a pretty awful year for me, but rather than be totally negative and bitch/moan/complain, I thought I’d make a list of one or two good things that happened each month during 2013.  Let’s begin!

January– I began student teaching in Mount Prospect and was assigned to a wonderful fourth-grade class of 27 boys and girls led by the amazing and funny Pam.  She was/is the best mentor I could ever ask for!


(Kinda creepy, I know, but we teachers gotta be careful)!

February– I attended a birthday brunch for my beautiful Grandma Mick with family.  Isn’t she lovely?  Grandpa Jim is a lucky guy!


March– I took a trip to New Glarus, Wisconsin with Ryan, my sister Katie, and brother-in-law Rick for a “wild and crazy” spring break.  We drank good beers, sang karaoke, and enjoyed each other’s company.


April– I went to see Fleetwood Mac play at the United Center with my mom and sisters.  I gotta say, Stevie Nicks has still got it!


May– I graduated with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.  Rather than attend graduation, I celebrated one of my best gal pals, Janet, at her bachelorette party in Nashville with my friends.  We had the best time!


June– I traveled to Door County, Wisconsin with my extended family (our tenth trip up there!) and later that month celebrated my friends Janet and Mike as they tied the knot.


(The DC pic is from last year, but you get the point)…

July– I [once again] traveled to Door County Wisconsin to celebrate my friends Jenna and Mike get hitched (about a week before surgery.  I just had to go out with a bang!)


August– I found out I would be an aunt to another niece or nephew.   Congrats to my sister, Katie and her husband Rick!  Baby Carney is due in April 2014.  I also celebrated my wonderful parent’s 34th wedding anniversary by having a backyard BBQ- my fav summer activity!  Oh yeah, and Miley twerked, entertained the world, and gave us all something to talk about.  Thanks for taking my mind off Trudy, Miley!


(Don’t worry, I won’t include Miley on this one).

September– I welcomed my new niece, Miss Shea Elizabeth, into the world and celebrated the 2nd bday of her big sis, Nora.   Another huge congrats to my sister, Lin and her husband Brett!


October– I attended my first ANA meeting where I was comforted by others in my situation and was totally enlightened by their experiences.  It really was a great day and I’m still looking forward to the next meeting!


November– I celebrated Thanksgiving by reflecting on how truly thankful I was this year (this year more than ever).


(Apparently I didn’t take any pics at Thanksgiving, but this’ll do).

December– I was surrounded by family and friends all Christmas season and I will celebrate the end of 2013 tonight with some of my greatest friends.


Thinking back, yes, Trudy really put a damper on 2013, but there were also so many positive events that happened and I will not allow that rude tumor to overshadow them.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday.  Sayonara, ciao, adios, au revoir, hasta la vista, GOOD RIDDANCE 2013!  Here’s to 2014, may it everyone’s best year yet!  Cheers!

Now I’ll go help myself to some of that ½ price champagne I bought at Dominick’s…their loss was definitely my gain 😉

2013-12-31 15.26.18


7 thoughts on “Peace out, 2013!

  1. I love you, sis! You are such an inspiration, and good for you for thinking of all the positive things that have happened. You are the strongest chick I know! You go girl!! XOXo

  2. Goo you are a wonderful thoughtful caring young woman. A lot of people who would have a year 2013 as you did would not be able to post all the positive things that happened. You are absolutely amazing!!!! May 2014 be a wonderful year.

  3. As they say attitude is everything – you have it and with a light hearted and hilarious spirit to boot! I think that’s why you look at this whole experience from that light instead of ‘poor me,’ Great reflection, 2014 will be one for the books 🙂 love ya Gems

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