What?! Pardon me?! Huh?!?!

Since I’m almost 4 months post-op, I thought I’d share what has been the hardest change for me thus far.  To best honest, I’m not sure if this will ever get “better,” hopefully easier, but the hardest adjustment has definitely been my hearing loss.  Many have asked if it will ever come back.  The answer?  No, it won’t.  Unfortunately it was necessary to sever my hearing nerve when Trudy was being removed.

I am constantly making jokes about how I am “one-eared” and/or I ask people to speak in the “good ear,” but I really mean it!  I literally hear ZERO out of the other ear, so it’s extremely frustrating when someone continues to talk into it.  GET IT STRAIGHT PEOPLE, I HAVE ONE WORKING EAR—and it’s my right ear!  If you’d like to chat with me, be sure you’re speaking into my right ear or sitting on my right side!

Because of all this hearing loss, I find it difficult going out to loud restaurants, bars, movies, sporting events, and the like.  I’m discouraged because I consider myself quite a social person and this whole Trudy incident has had a major effect on my social life.  I know it sounds sort of trivial, but it’s the truth.

Even though it’s hard, I have been trying to get out a little more now that my energy is coming back.  I’ve gone out to eat several times with groups of friends, and I’ve realized the “perfect setting” for me is four people and I prefer rectangular-shaped tables.  Any group outing larger than that is pretty tough.

I’m very aware of where I sit at the table in a restaurant too.  If I place myself at the end of a rectangular table/booth, I can hear everyone at the table (for the most part).  Round tables are the pits because whoever’s sitting to my left will be ignored the entire meal and I won’t be able to hear them, like at all.  Same goes for square tables.  See what I mean?!

squarecircle  rect

My friends Amy, Leanna, and Janet reminded me this past Friday (while out to dinner in a noisy Mexican restaurant—yes, a group of 4, & yes, we sat at a rectangular-shaped table), that I will adapt to these noisy places, it’s just going to take time.  They agreed the only way to get used to it, is by getting myself out there.  Thanks for the pep talk, ladies!

I took their advice and went to one of the loudest places I know on Sunday.  Where did I go?  Soldier Field, of course!  Talk about noise!  Ryan, Katie, Rick, and I went to the Bears game and it wasn’t so bad after all, probably because no one could hear each other, haha!  Jokes aside, I am really glad I’m getting out more and adapting to this one-eared hearing.  It’s all part of this process; I just have to work on the patience part.

2013-11-17 14.27.45


2 thoughts on “What?! Pardon me?! Huh?!?!

  1. Thanks for the graphics- it made it easier to understand what you mean about the table seating. Providing visual learning, future teacher!

  2. Kelly your friends have the right idea and are a good support group. You are young and it certainly was and is so hard for such a social and fun person to have to go thru and I know you think “why me?” Life is a series of bumps in the road but yours was more than a mountain. I know it sounds trite but In time you WILL get used to it. You have always been an upbeat young woman and that helped with your recovery. Just keep thinking positive!!!!!!

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