Neuro-ophthalmologist visit

This past Monday, the 7th, I had my 2-month-ish follow-up with Dr. Pula, my neuro-ophthamologist.  Remember him?  Yep, it’s been a while!


Anyway, he had a few things on the agenda.  He wanted to check my eyesight, test the swelling behind my eyes by doing another OCT scan (as I had previously done twice), and discuss what my next steps are.

My eyesight has not changed much.  It is still better than it was at its worst.  My right eye is seeing 20/20 and my left eye is seeing 20/30 (which are both pretty good).  Dr. Pula thinks my vision will still change slightly over the next few months as the swelling continues to go down behind my eyes.  I will have another eye exam in about 4 months.  He thinks by that time, my eyesight will probably not change.

The OCT scan revealed more great news!  The swelling and pressure behind my eyes have continued to go down—I am almost in the “normal” zone for all areas of my eyes.  I had this scan done before surgery, two weeks after surgery, and then this past week.  Before surgery, as I had mentioned in a previous post, the swelling was so off the charts he ordered an MRI (and that’s when we found the reason for said swelling—Trudy, that rude tumor).  Since surgery, the swelling has decreased tremendously.  Dr. Pula anticipates when I see him again in 4 months, it should be completely normal in all areas.

Next week, I will have another visual field test to test my peripheral vision.  The following week, I will be attending my first ANA (Acoustic Neuroma Association) support group meeting.  I am really looking forward to meeting others in my situation, hearing their stories, and receiving advice from them.  After that, I will be quite doctor and/or appointment-less for a while, woo hoo!

I cannot stress enough how great it feels to be improving each week.  Thank you friends and family for your continued support!  I love you all!!!!


4 thoughts on “Neuro-ophthalmologist visit

  1. Kelly, this is all wonderful news. Being able to drive, work and now the good news about your eyes is fantastic. You are supergirl!!!!!!

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