Freedom at last!  I am happy to report I am now driving and working again.  Slowly but surely I am gaining back some independence, and it feels damn good!

Since I’ve been weaning off this anti-seizure medicine for a few weeks and am feeling fine, I gave myself the go-ahead to start driving again.  It felt surreal the first time I got behind the wheel to drive to Citibank (approximately 1 mile from home).  I haven’t gone that long without driving since I studied abroad in Italy for 4 months back in 2007.  I’m easing my way in, driving short distances.  The only change I’ve noticed is my eyes seem extremely sensitive to light, whether it’s the sun or headlights shining in my eyes, I find the need to squint.  I think this will take some adjusting.  For now I am all about the sunglasses—gotta protect them eyes!  I cannot express how nice it is to feel somewhat self-sufficient again.

Also last week, I returned to work.  My former boss at the real estate office, Dennis, was gracious enough to have me back very part-time.  He is allowing me to come and go as I please, basically choosing my own schedule.  How nice is that?!  I am beyond thankful for him.  Best. Boss. Ever.

I worked two days for about 5 hours each.  It is the perfect job for me right now as I am still building up my stamina.  At the moment, my whole teaching gig is on hold.  While I’m anxious to get back to the classroom, I think a room of 28 screaming children would be a little much for me.  Hopefully as time progresses I can do a little real estate and some subbing.

For now, I’ll continue singing Destiny’s Child “Independent Women,” throwing my hands up in the air.



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