MRI Monday

Today is my first MRI following Trudy’s departure.  Like I had previously posted, we’ll find out if she has shriveled up or the 0.5-1% of her has stuck around or, ugh, I don’t even want to say it—grown.  Obviously, I am hoping there are zero signs of her overstaying her welcome.  I am also hoping I don’t have a freak out when they put me into that claustrophobia trap.  Fingers crossed ALL goes well there!

My shunt is being reprogrammed today too.  Yeah, remember that thing?  I feel like all I ever talk about is Trudy (who deserves NO attention).  Poor ole shunt gets no attention anymore.  My shunt’s still around!  I will be discussing with Dr. Anderson what the next steps with that are (meaning how often do I have to have this thing reprogrammed, do I need to have this forever, what is its purpose now, what is the removal surgery like, etc?)  I have mixed emotions about ole shunt.  I would prefer to not have it the rest of my life, but then again, it saved my life.

It doesn’t really bother me; I just have a huge bump on the back of my head from it.  It’ll become one of those annoying things I’ll have to explain every time I get my hair washed before it is cut.

Hair wash girl:  “Do you know you have a bump on the back of your head?” (Thinking it’s a tumor or that I got clocked in the back of my head in a fist fight—judging me).

Me:  “Oh yeah, that’s my shunt.”

H: “What’s that?”

M: “Like a drain.  It was used to drain fluid from my brain when I had my brain tumor.” (Trying to really freak her out).

H: “Oh…”

[Awkward silence].

What does this “reprogramming” consist of?  I’m really not sure; I’ll let you know.  Here’s a pic of how ole shunt is healing.  My hair is gettin’ pretty long! (7/18/13, 8/15/13, & 9/30/13)

2013-07-18 10.46.532013-08-15 17.11.56 2013-09-30 09.40.54


2 thoughts on “MRI Monday

  1. Kelly sweet Kelly I always feel like I am reading a comic strip when you share like that and find myself laughing out loud because I can hear you talking… Good luck … praying. pam

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