Two months tumorless

Well folks, it’s officially been two months since my dreadful surgery on July 23.  Happy two-month tumorless anniversary to me!  To say the body heals quickly is an understatement.  Look at me the day after surgery—woof!  My face was tremendously swollen (you can barely see my eyes!) from that trauma of the brain surgery and the many medications, and that facial nerve of mine was extremely weak.  Pretty unrecognizable I’d say!  

I NEVER thought I’d post a picture of me like this (for obvious reasons), but I want people to know there is life after brain surgery!  It’s beyond scary, but I got through it!

2013-07-24 14.45.09

And here I am today, hi!  I know I have man-hands…

2013-09-23 17.01.29

Anyway, all in all, I’m feeling pretty well.  I’m still getting used to not having hearing in my left ear, but I am adjusting.  People say when you lose one sense, other senses become stronger.  This holds true for me in terms of touch and taste.  I am now ticklish (as I had previous posted about during my pedicure experience), and I feel as though I am more sensitive than ever to spicy foods.  I was always wimpy with spicy foods, so who knows…?

I can tell my nerves are still healing because I am still lacking feeling on the left side of my head.  When I wash my hair, I can’t really feel my hand massaging the scalp.  Also, the left side of my tongue and gums feel a bit numb.  As I have learned, this is normal.  Nerves take a long, long time to heal.

The next step is finding out Trudy’s status.  My doctors had to leave a little of Trudy on my brainstem (about .5-1% of the tumor).  This is quite common with how large she was and where her fat butt was located.  I have my first follow-up MRI and appointment with Dr. Anderson next week.  During the MRI the doctors will see if Trudy shriveled up or is still hanging around.  She better not be; she ain’t welcome!



3 thoughts on “Two months tumorless

  1. As usual, another great post Gooey! You have made such great progress over the past 2 months. The body’s ability to heal is pretty unbelievable, but your positive spirit and strength are too. Love you!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you Kelly! We are so pleased with your ongoing updates – you are inspiration to all of us in the way you have faced this challenge and shared your perspective. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers – with lots of love to you all – The Barry family

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