More wonderful news

EEG results—NORMAL!  Hooray!  The lady I spoke to said I had normal awake and asleep patterns with no epileptic activity.  As I had hoped, the episode I had back in July must have been a fluke.  Now it’s time to wean me off the anti-seizure meds.  After that, I will be medication-free!  This is a huge step for me, so I’m very excited!

Also, last Thursday I saw Dr. Sacks for the first time in person since he found Trudy.  I could not stop thanking him [or crying]—happy tears of course!  He, Sue (works in the office), and my mom were all teary-eyed, as well.  He literally saved my life, so it felt amazing to thank him in person.  After surgery, Dr. Anderson informed my family and me that if the cerebrospinal fluid/pressure inside my head had gone untreated, it would have been a really bad situation.  You can guess what could have happened….thank GOD for Dr. Sacks!  He is such a humble man and said anyone would have found Trudy, but the fact is he found her and knew it was a problem that needed immediate diagnosis.

2013-09-12 11.28.30

I’ll end on a positive note, though.  We have a new member in our family!  My sister gave birth to another beautiful baby girl, Shea Elizabeth.  She was born Friday afternoon (hence the reason I didn’t have time to blog with EEG results—sorry about that).  How cute is she?!  I cannot get enough of that perfect little mug.


2013-09-14 10.42.02


6 thoughts on “More wonderful news

  1. Kelly – so happy to hear the fabulous news about your EEG. FANTASTIC!! No more medicine – what a relief.

    Little Shea is just BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations to all!!

  2. That’s great news! What a huge relief! The nightmare is over. You can close this chapter in your life! You go full speed ahead. Good luck.

    Give Shea a kiss from the Ablins.

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