The EEG test was performed yesterday at Loyola and I’m glad to say it was completely painless and I did NOT look like the Wikipedia man!  The tech had me lie down on a hospital bed as she attached 25 electrodes to my head and 2 to my chest with some sticky goop.  (I had to wash my hair twice to get said sticky goop out of my hair, gross).

The test itself only took about 30 minutes.  All I had to do was lie on my back, take deep breaths for 3 minutes, and basically try to fall asleep.  At the very end, she flashed strobe lights while my eyes were still closed to see if it triggered any kind of seizure activity.  The strobe lights didn’t make me feel different and just made me feel like I was at a rave—COOL!  Not….

The results were read by the neurophysiology center neurologist from Loyola yesterday (as Dr. Asconapé was not available), and I was told I would receive a phone call if there was anything of urgency.  I’m happy to report that I received no phone call yesterday!  The test will be read either today or Friday by Dr. Asconapé, and I should have the real results by Friday and will report back then.

Check out how nice my badass scar is healing!  Wonder-doc Leonetti was kind enough to make the incision in the neck area in a crease, so it would be obscure when healed.  No more scabs, Skrillex is growing in, and I can’t even see where the drain hole was anymore (also gross, I know).

2013-09-09 16.38.30



4 thoughts on “EEG

  1. Kel, as I said before, that scar is a work of art. Great job on a pretty girl. Every doc is smitten by our Kelly. I’m sure the results will be positive. No news is good news!!!!

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