Dr. Asconapé visit

The visit with my neurologist Dr. Asconapé on Wednesday went pretty well.  First, a brief neurological exam was performed by a medical student.   She was the sweetest young girl (I am officially old—calling med students “sweet”), whose mother had an acoustic neuroma removed about a month ago!  And I thought these were rare in the sense that 1 in 100,000 people have them… I swear it seems like I hear of someone having an acoustic neuorma removed every other day!

The exam consisted of a review of systems, checking my reflexes and sensory and motor responses, and a balance test.  When Trudy lived in my head, I could not walk in a straight line (picture a tight-rope walker).  I would literally fall off the “rope” in an instant.  I was happy to see that this has become easier for me.  It wasn’t perfect, but definitely an improvement!

When Dr. Asconapé came in to the room, he wanted to hear all the details of that freaky-possible-seizure day.  As I think I’ve said before, I really have no recollection of that day, so luckily my mom was there to give the details.  Based on what happened that day, my doctor thinks it could have been one of a few different scenarios.

It could have been a seizure or a fainting episode.  He viewed all of my imaging tests and didn’t really see anything that would cause it, but he did mention that Trudy was so large she could have pushed on the temporal lobe, which is the area of the brain seizures usually originate.  He also mentioned that after long, intense brain surgeries these do occur.  The bottom line is we need to find out if I am prone to them now or if it was just a fluke experience.  In order to find out, I am scheduled for an EEG next week.

An EEG is an acronym for electroencephalogram (whaaat?!) and records electric activity of the brain.  Thanks to Wikipedia, this is what I imagine I’ll look like once I’m hooked up.

eegOh AND Dr. Asconapé said his nephew had an acoustic neuroma removed about 10-15 years ago, go figure.  Tumors are officially trending.  #acousticneuroma #braintumor


One thought on “Dr. Asconapé visit

  1. Hahaha way to incorporate the hashtags! How strange that you keep hearing more and more about people who can or know of someone that can relate to your Trudy experience. Hope the EEG goes well!

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