Odds & ends

This afternoon I am going to visit with the neurologist.  I hope to find out if I had a true seizure or not.  If I did, it is possible I will not be able to drive for about 5 more months.  This will really make it hard for me to return to work or go anywhere independently, and I’ll have to depend on dear old mom.  Fingers crossed it was one of those vasovagal episodes and I can return to normalcy by driving just like the rest of ya!  Watch out!

However, I am happy to say I feel a wee bit more normal now that I got a fresh pedicure yesterday.  My mom, Katie, and I went to my favorite place in Palatine—Lady’s Nails.  (If you’ve never been, go!  They are the best).  I went with an orange-red color since it’s still kind of summer, but turning to fall.

2013-09-04 12.01.35

Anyway, typically when my feet are scrubbed I am not ticklish and I just continue to read my magazine.  However, yesterday was quite different.  I literally almost kicked the nice little Asian man (yes, a man doing my toes; it was excellent) in the face I was so ticklish!  My foot kept tweaking and jerking in all directions.  Wom looks at me and is like, “Did you used to do that?”  I was like, “Umm, no!”  I tried to make it stop, but I couldn’t!  It was quite embarrassing, but kind of fun/funny at the same time.  Just another one of those revelations I’ve had since Trudy was removed.

One other thing…yesterday I received a mystery gift in the mail, (gasp!)  A medium-sized brown box was delivered to my front porch.  Inside the box was a talking teddy bear, a “Noah Feel Better Bear” to be exact.  He is the cutest little bear and is just so kind, but there was no card.   The packaging slip said, “Bill to: Beth.” Who are you, Beth, or mystery person?!  Are you the same mystery friend who attempted to have a little visit with Dr. Sacks?  Perhaps you’re trying to keep me on my toes!  I want to send you a thank you note!  Identify yourself immediately, or else………….

2013-09-04 11.04.11


4 thoughts on “Odds & ends

  1. What a wonderful surprise!!! Isn’t he the cutest!!!! What’s his name?? Who is the mystery sender? Casper????? He misses you Goo. Hope all went well with neurologist this PM. Keep us posted.

  2. I have red-orange on my feet too! And hahah about the ticklish feet, join the club. I’m hoping to hear that it was a vasovagal episode too! Rooting for you Kel and thinking about you always. Peace and blessings! (;

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