This week I haven’t had to see any of my docs.  Since I have more free time, I’ve been trying to build my stamina by getting out more.  I find myself tiring easily over the smallest tasks.  For example, after putting clean sheets back on my bed, my heart was pounding and I was really out of breath.  Or yesterday, I was standing at the sink doing dishes for 5 minutes, bending over to put them in the dishwasher, and I felt exhausted.  It’s time I build my strength back up!


(The teacher in me liked this clip art I found when I googled “stamina.”)

Over the weekend I went to Target and True Value with my mom to run some errands—ooh fun!  (I know you’re jealous).  It wasn’t much, but at least I got up and walked around a bit.  Then on Monday I went to Dairy Queen with Katie and Rick.  I seriously have been eating ice cream every night since surgery, no joke.  But hey, I’m all about listening to my body.  I can’t help it that my body keeps saying, “feeeeed me iiiiice creeeeaaamm!”

Today I put in a pair of contacts today for the first time in over a month.  They’re a pair Dr. Sacks, my Costco superhero, gave me before surgery, gratis, no less (the weaker prescription), and they seem to work just great!  That will seriously be the strangest thing if my prescription did change for the better, and continues to stay the same post-Trudy.

Speaking of Dr. Sacks, my mom went to Costco yesterday and spent 20 minutes talking with and thanking Dr. Melanie Nichol, the optometrist who hired my superhero.  She said she’d heard about me, the girl who had the tumor that Dr. Sacks discovered, but Wom filled her in on more of the details.  She also mentioned that a friend of mine visited their clinic for an eye exam.  This friend of mine was “bummed” to find out Dr. Sacks wouldn’t be doing their eye exam.  Bummer is right—he is the best!  So now I ask, who are you mystery friend?!

Last, I think my weak facial muscle got better over the past week too!  Yahoo!  Thoughts???

2013-08-19 19.15.37 2013-08-28 11.30.56Please ignore my messy hair.


4 thoughts on “Stamina

  1. I definitely think your facial muscle has improved and messy / beach blown hair is so in right now! PS – I am jealy that you got to run errands. That is my favorite thing to do (with you)!

  2. Definitely your muscle looks stronger! I’m so happy you’ve gotten out esp. to DQ! Since you’re on an ice cream kick, I’ll recommend my fave brand Graeters, coconut chocolate chip. So far I’ve only found it at the cool grocery stores (Mariano’s and Whole Foods). Omg I wish I had some right now! And that Dr. Sacks really is a superhero, can’t thank him enough! Sending encouragement your way!! You build that stamina!

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