Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

In other non-tumor related news, yesterday my parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary!  They can’t believe they’ve put up with each other for all those years, haha!  To celebrate, and to thank them for being such wonderful parents, my sisters, brothers-in-law, boyfriend, and I did a cookout at my parents’ house.  It was nice to get outside and spend time with family; it’s a nice a change from my monotonous days of lying in bed reading or watching TV.

2013-08-12 10.56.502013-08-11 19.49.21

I especially love watching my niece, Nora, play out in the backyard.  She is really developing her own funny personality!  Yesterday she was playing with Duplos (those bigger Legos) building towers.  When she couldn’t quite connect two pieces, she’d say, “almost!”  Then when her towers got too long, they would break in half, and she would start to whine and throw the Duplos.  We couldn’t help but laugh.  Is that mean?

She really does know how to cheer me up though!  Whenever I ask for a hug or a kiss she will always give me one (lately).  I think it’s because she can sense something is wrong with me.  My sister says “give Aunt Goo a gentle hug and kiss,” and she really is gentle!  She has seen all my scars and now she always says, “Aunt Goo owie,” when she sees me.

2013-08-11 16.58.56

This afternoon I’m going for the CT scan to see about my head pain.  My mom gave me a new pillow and it seems to help.  The pain does not seem as extreme as last week, but I’d still rather be safe than sorry. I’m not taking any chances!  I’m telling you, I’m so paranoid now about every little thing.  I’m going to become a hypochondriac after this!  I’ll keep you all posted about today’s test when the results are available.

P.S. Can we talk about how awesome parents’ outfits were for their wedding?  I mean seriously, my mom’s hat and my dad’s ivory suit with taupe accents?  Amazing.


8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

  1. Nora’s lookin’ like papa in that pic! I’m so glad she cheers you up so much. She loves seeing you too! And lately, talking about your nose :-/

  2. I can remember your mom & dad’s wedding day like it was yesterday…very special memories of our very dear friends….THE BEST!! XOXOXO

  3. Your parents wedding day was wonderful and indicative of a loving couple 🙂 A great celebration of happiness and love that we can see in your family each day! Happy Anniversary and just a little hello from us to you. Kathy

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