As most of you know, I received my Master of Arts in Teaching in May.  The lucky recipients (haha) were a fourth-grade class in Mount Prospect.  Since then, l remain in touch with my awesome cooperating teacher, Pam.  Yesterday Pam left the most priceless gift on my doorstep that literally brought me to tears—don’t worry they were happy tears. 🙂  She organized a group of my fourth-grade students together to create cards and a video for me!

In the video, they sang me two songs and each child had their own message for me.  It was the sweetest thing ever!  Most of them looked so nervous saying, “I hope you get well soon, Ms. Nugent!” followed by them quickly running away from the camera; it made me laugh.  They still look and sound like the same kids I taught.  I am so thankful for this video.  It gave me hope that I will find a teaching job once I am through all of this crap because I LOVED seeing “my kids” again, even if it wasn’t in person.  They were such a wonderful group and I was lucky to have such a caring mentor, too.  Thank you so much, Pam!

All the cards were so cute and really reflected each child’s personality.  Here is one amazing example of a card from one of my students.  As you can see, she has a beautiful talent for art and making origami; she made me lots of it during student teaching!  I knew exactly who this card was from the minute I opened it.  How sweet is this?!

cardIf you click on the picture, it’ll get larger, and you can read her actual card.


7 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Goo, you are sooo loved. What a wonderful idea for Pam to think of something to knock your sox off! She sounds like a great gal. And the kids – how adorable are they!!!!!!!

  2. That was one of the prettiest homemade cards I have ever seen. You were loved and missed by those kids-also Pam. What an experience you had. You are a very special girl and have a lot of people in your corner. We love and miss you lots!,,,,,
    Hopefully we wll see you soon. Mr/Mrs B.

  3. I love that!! It reminds me of a quote: “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” -Mother Teresa. It’s so cool how such a small thing can have such a positive impact!! 🙂 I feel the love and care/concern they have for you. As we all do. 🙂

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