Visit with Dr. Pula

I had a follow-up appointment with my neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Pula, today.  He had me do a field test, an OCT scan, and he checked my overall vision.  I did both the field test and OCT scans prior to surgery, so this was to compare the old with the new.  Here is Dr. Pula for those of you that like to put a face with a name.


The field test is to see how my peripheral vision is.  I rest my chin on this little ledge, stare straight ahead at a tiny light and click a button whenever I see any little light blink on the sides of the machine.  They tested the right and the left eyes and overall everything went great.  He said there are no changes from before surgery, which is a good sign.


Then the tech took my OCT scan.  This is another test where I stare straight ahead and the machine takes scans of the pressure behind my eye.  Dr. Pula said you want the pressure behind your eye to be around 100.  Prior to surgery, the pressure behind my left eye was 298!!  This confirms Dr. Anderson’s diagnosis that had this gone untreated, I could have lost my vision or it could have been fatal—Trudy tried to kill me!  Guess who won, biatch!  Now my left eye pressure is around 140 and Dr. Pula said it should continue to decrease.  So the bottom line today was that the pressure in both eyes had decreased by 75%, yayyy!


As far as my prescription goes, he said the optic nerve is still a bit swollen, which is normal considering surgery was just two weeks ago.  He left it up to me whether or not I want to go for another eye exam for a temporary fix.  I have decided to wait until I heal a bit more and the swelling goes down.  Of course I’ll be going back to Dr. Sacks at Costco!  Even Dr. Pula suggested I go back to him since he “knew what he was doing.”  He certainly did…my hero.

In two months I’ll be going back for another check-up with Dr. Pula to repeat the testing I had done today.  I am sure I will only keep improving.



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