Best. nurse. ever.

Today I wanted to give a special shout-out to my totally awesome mom, Wom/Carol/Cary/CB!  She has been my 24-hour nurse since I got home and let’s just say I am more than pleased with her care.  Here I thought my Loyola nurses were the best of the best; they don’t even compete with Wom!  Aside from getting up at 1:30AM and 5:30AM to give me my meds, she also joins me for my shows, has me laughing all the time with her strange tendencies, helps me bathe, and she is always down to make me anything, seriously anything I want.  I am becoming (or already am) soo spoiled it is ridiculous!  I might miss this special brain tumor treatment I have been getting, haha just kidding!

This morning when I woke up, I had a taste for pancakes and I told her, kind of half joking because I was like, “what are the chances I’ll actually get these?  Who just has pancake mix laying around?”  Next thing I know she comes into my room with chocolate chip pancakes and a huge glass of Oberweis chocolate milk.  I swear chocolate is the cure to everything.  I also swear I am going to be 300 lbs after I’m healed.  I immediately felt better after wolfing down this breakfast.  Here is a pic of my mom’s breakfast masterpiece:  chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate milk, and tea with MiraLAX for well, you know…c’mon I’m on pain killers.

2013-08-04 10.10.56


Tomorrow I am going to see my neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Pula, and I will report back afterwards.  Hopefully he can figure out my prescription so I can see again!


5 thoughts on “Best. nurse. ever.

  1. Ummm yummy, yummy. Can I come over and eat??? But can you expect otherwise? She is my daughter after all!!!! I trained her right – haha! So glad you are getting such good care. You all are a wonderful and helpful fam.

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