One week surgery follow-up

Today I went to visit Dr. Anderson for my one-week surgery follow-up.  Crazy to think just one week ago at this time I was being operated on!  I get nervous before these appointments because the pessimist in me always thinks something is going to be wrong.   However, Dr. Anderson said I am doing really great considering my surgery was just one week ago.  I really do not remember much of what happened on Monday with the seizure, but again, I really appreciate all of you and your continued support for my family and me.  I have taken it easy the past few days with limited distractions.  This has helped me feel better and get the rest that I need.  I still not feel 100% ready for visitors, but I look forward to seeing everyone as soon as I’m up for it!

My doctor is encouraging me to get up and move around a bit more even though I get dizzy pretty easily.  It still feels really good to stretch my muscles and not be so confined to my bed.  I was able to walk a little on my own today both at home and at the hospital.  I also went downstairs to eat lunch today and sat at the kitchen table—big deal!!  All these normal things are going to take some time getting used to again, slowly but surely!

Dr. Anderson said all my incisions are healing really well too.  He checked out the incision on my head as well as my two incisions on my tummy- from the shunt and the skin graft.  I don’t think I ever explained this, but a skin graft had to be taken from my stomach for the head incision.  The doctors took a strip of fat from my tum to fill in the hole from the head incision.  He said eventually it should heal into a barely noticeable line.

2013-07-31 15.50.21

In two months I am going back for another MRI with Dr. Anderson.  He just wants to take a peek at that last 1% of the tumor that was left behind.  He reiterated again today he is not worried about it and how but we obviously cannot ignore it.  He just wants to be sure it is not growing.

All of your flowers and gifts have completely lifted my spirits more than you know!  This orchid was a gift from my friend Alex out in California and it is just so peaceful to be around.  Waking up to a room full of flowers truly starts my days positively.  Thank you all so much.  I cannot thank you enough 🙂

2013-07-31 15.42.09


14 thoughts on “One week surgery follow-up

  1. Yay, Kel! So great to hear you’re back home after Monday’s events. Wonderful news that you are making great progress in your recovery! Looking forward to seeing you Trudy-less in the near future 🙂

  2. Great to hear about your progress, Kel! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us; I’m glad the doctors are happy with your recovery so far too. Well, take it easy and a day at a time! Sending positive thoughts your way everyday!!! Love you!

  3. Dear Kelly,
    You will not recall meeting me, although we have met. I am a friend of a friend and I know we’ve crossed paths at a graduation party or two. I write you now more than to let you know people are thinking about you. I think you know that, but you brought up questions that I thought perhaps I could help answer.

    Kelly, when I was 28, I felt a big bump sticking out of on my head. It didn’t hurt but the next time I was at the doctor I thought I’d ask about it. It ended up that I also had a tumor, it was on my skull, growing in and out, putting pressure on my brain. If left, well you know. Anyway, it had to come out. That was over 30 years ago.

    I saw your picture and read your concerns about your hair and your smile and wanted to ease your mind. My incision was not quite as long as yours, it goes down to my ear, from the top of my forehead. I had a shaving very close to yours. It took awhile for the hair to grow back completely but parting your hair over it masks a lot!

    Today, one would never know, believe me. A year after surgery, no one could tell. When they take off those bandages and we look at ourselves it is horrifying, especially if your eyes were black and blue like mine were. Again, no one will know that stuff when looking at us. I do, however, share this information with my hairdresser and my dentist. I always wash my own hair, typically the hair washers think they are doing you a favor kneading your head like it’s a loaf of bread. If they must wash, we talk so I make sure it is gentle. I highly recommend that.

    For dentists, I can’t open my mouth real wide. You might or might not have that issue. I had one of those mouth appliances that helped open my mouth a bit. If it comes to that, I can recommend the dentist who helped me so much. The point, however, is that it is important for your dentist to know that you might be challenged in opening for dental work and be patient.

    Kelly, your hearing loss saddens me so much. I have no words except to continue to use your personal strength and that of the number of friends and family that have gathered to show you their love. That support will get you through. Please count on me also if you’d like to ask “what did you do or how did you feel.” I hope you don’t mind that I reached out to you.

    Many good thoughts.

    1. It is very generous of you to reach out to Kelly in this way, but if you tell us which friend (or your first name), we may know who you are. Kelly’s mom.

      1. I am glad to do that. My name is Leah Slavensky. I am a long time friend of Susan Johnson. I have a daughter the same age as Kelly and Elise.

    2. Leah, thank you so much for sharing your story with us all! Perhaps some people are just meant to help others this way. I hadn’t even thought about having someone else wash your hair! Insights like these are very helpful. Thanks, Lin (Kelly’s sister)

      1. Leah, I appreciate you telling your story; it is probably still a bit painful to think about. We love Sue and Elise and now you! Thank you for sharing, Carol, Kelly’s mom.

  4. Kelly, glad to hear your finally getting your sorely needed rest. Good to hear Dr Anderson was so impressed with your progress so far. Everyday is another notch in the belt. Take it slow. We miss you lots. Hugs and kisses. Mr and Mr B.

  5. Hey Kel! So glad you are doing well and the Doc gave you a good report today! The McJoneses are thinking about you and the rest of the crew everyday and you are all in our prayers every night at bedtime. We were going to call the other night, but Aunt SueB called and told us about the little trip to Northwest so we thought it best to give you all a few more days of rest. Hang in there and every day will get a little better. Don’t rush anything….we love you!

  6. Hi Kelly, We want you to know we all have been thinking and praying for you. We are happy you are back on track for recovery. Your good report from the doctor today is music to our ears! We have kept a low profile in effort to respect your wishes for recovery. We think of you often. Please know the few results of the surgery are minor as compared to a clean bill of health Trudiless! Two things come to mind from your old Aunt Karen. One, the numbness you are feeling should be temporary. Patience my dear. Nerve repair is a very slow process and I am still awaiting. Second, hair is overrated! And it certainly grows back faster then we expect. Dye you hair pink and go as Cyndi Lauper this Halloween! Much love from your St. Jones cuzzies!

  7. So glad to hear you are back home and getting some R&R! Thinking of you and hoping you get the sleep and rest you need. Take it easy Pugey and a big high five for getting down to the kitchen for lunch! 1 step at a time sistah you are making amazing progress! xoxo

  8. My admiration for you grows more every day. You are seldom far from my thoughts which are all prayers for a total recovery. Sending love and healing angels your way.

  9. So happy to hear that you’re able to be up and about some! Thinking about you daily and hoping your recovery continues to be speedy! 🙂

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