Little hiccup in recovery

We had a hiccup in recovery today.  Kelly had a seizure around noon and had to be rushed to the emergency room.  She had another CT scan which Dr. Anderson, the neurosurgeon who performed the surgery, reviewed and said there was nothing unusual considering her surgery.  

For now, we are going back to no visitors or phone so she can focus on recovery.  If you need anything, reach out to one of us.  


5 thoughts on “Little hiccup in recovery

  1. Kelly, we hope that you stick to the no visitors & phones. You definately need to get your rest. Everyone we’re sure will understand. You are in our thoughts & prayers. Love Nancy & Ken (Ryan’s aunt & uncle)

  2. Thanks for updating us on Kelly’s recovery. I’m grateful for everyone providing her exceptional care. Kel, you just take it easy and rest. Thinking about you always!

  3. We have lots of prayers and love being sent to you from Boston! Hang in there – you are on the mend and it just takes time, love, and support which we have plenty to offer you.

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