She’s Home!!

We received fantastic news today – Kelly is good enough to come home. The doctors actually said that the progress she is making is phenomenal.  They ultimately left the decision up to her and she chose to continue recovering in the comfort of her own home.

While she is home and would love to see everyone, please know that she is not yet ready for visitors.  For now, she really just needs to sleep.  We will let everyone know once she’s ready for visitors.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers, we appreciate it more than you know.  


7 thoughts on “She’s Home!!

  1. YAY! We are so glad she is doing so well she can go home! There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed (well, maybe sleeping in Door County!!) Can’t wait until she is up for visitors! We know she has wonderful people to take care of her! Love you all! WELCOME HOME KELLY!

  2. Cary, I’ve been thinking of you all lots. So happy to hear Kelly’s surgery went well. I wish her a smooth recovery — so nice to be back home with family. xo

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