24 hours post surgery

Sorry for not posting again yesterday, here’s the newest update.

Yesterday was pretty rough for Kelly.  She’s very uncomfortable, nauseous and in lots of pain.  She’s hooked up to several vital machines and has an IV in each hand, so it’s hard for her to do much on her own.  Her head is also bandaged up, so it’s hard for her to move her head around, which is probably a good thing, but makes eating/drinking a little difficult.  Thankfully she had lots of helpers between my parents and Ryan.  (I think Ryan missed his calling, he’s been a great nurse, must run in the family :))

She wasn’t able to get up and walk around yesterday, but they are planning to get her up and moving today.  

I haven’t talked to Kelly today, but hopefully she was able to get some sleep last night as she didn’t sleep the night before.  I will post more later today. 



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