Post-surgery update

Ryan and my parents were able to see Kelly around midnight.  They got to the hospital at 5:30am yesterday, so it was definitely a long day, but all of your comments and well wishes helped us get through the day.  Also, thanks for bringing us lunch, Mr. Lischett! 

Kelly was in good spirits and actually rather chatty considering she had just undergone a 14 hour brain surgery.  She had a fear about what she would say coming out of anesthesia, needless to say, she did manage to say some pretty funny/witty stuff. 

I’ll leave it up to her to share 🙂 but while she was laying there with her eyes closed, she asks the group ‘so, how was your day?’  

She will remain in the ICU for a few days, family is heading back down today, so we’ll update the blog again when we have more info.

Thanks again, everyone! 



6 thoughts on “Post-surgery update

  1. Am so glad that the surgery is over. I can only imagine what yesterday was like for you all. Love and big hugs to all of you!

  2. YAY!!! Trudy Be Gone! So glad to hear Kelly isdoing well all things considered. Thinking of all of you and we continue to have you in our thoughts. Lots of Love and virtual hugs 🙂

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