Last fun weekend (for a while….)

Wow, what a wonderful weekend!  First, congrats to Jenna and Mike!  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect.  From how they looked, to the weather, to the company, to that band they had play (amazing!)—everything was just great.  I am so glad I felt healthy enough to go away for the weekend.  Yes, I was not really able to dance or drink (adult beverages) due to Trudy, I was still able to mingle with good friends and watch the fun.  The hardest part was getting around in the dark.  I feel extremely dizzy at night especially when it’s dark outside.  I can see, but I really stumble around.  People must’ve thought I was way over-served!  Ha, if they only knew!  Lucky for me, I had good friends and “chaperones” to help me stumble around the beautiful Gordon Lodge in Baileys’ Harbor, Wisconsin.  Here are a few photos from the incredible weekend!

2013-07-20 15.49.202013-07-20 15.30.10

2013-07-20 15.12.162013-07-19 21.06.27

 2013-07-20 17.22.382013-07-20 15.12.59 2013-07-20 18.30.40  2013-07-20 20.38.322013-07-20 20.31.45

Then tonight I came home to a wonderful steak dinner with the fam.  I really am getting every meal I want with this tumor!  I’m going to miss Trudy; she is such a great excuse to get my way.  Kidding!  I will not miss her.  However, I do love having my niece live so close by now.  She gave me lots of hugs and kisses which always eases any worries I have.  My hilarious mother also thought she would buy this cake.

2013-07-21 19.46.492013-07-21 19.20.48









It was Trudy’s “going away” party tonight.  We will NOT miss her, I’ll tell ya that much!  It’s crazy to think that in 48 hours I will be recovering from brain surgery.  Eek, “brain surgery” sounds so serious, and it is!  I can’t believe this is really happening to be honest, but good riddance, Trudy!


5 thoughts on “Last fun weekend (for a while….)

  1. Beautiful pics! Nora is so, so cute and I know there’s nothing like love from a little one! I’m so happy you enjoyed the wedding and the farewell Trudy party with your fam. Stay strong and positive! See you soon. xoxoxox

  2. Glad you were able to go. Beautiful weekend before Trudy removal. Nora looks like a little old fashioned girl in that pic. Love the cake idea!!!!! Hugs and kisses. See you soon.

  3. Kel, to say you are handling this so well is an understatement. I think we could all learn an important lesson from you. I know I certainly can and am! I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Ready to do all I can and help with your road to recovery. Love you so much!!!

    Nora wanted to say…rrkllllllllllllllllllldll ÷≥¥hhhhhhh

    .k6uityootg,u.gyyyyyyyygggs (she loves you too!!!)

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