1 week post-shunt surgery

WARNING:  graphic images that might upset your tum tum.

I was not going to do this because, quite frankly, they freak me the hell out, but I am going to do it right about…meow.  Be prepared to see my “battle wounds” from the shunt surgery!  It has been a week since I had the surgery and I feel like both incisions are healing up pretty well.  First, there is the incision on my abdomen.  This one hurts the most because they did have to cut through muscle (didn’t think I really had stomach muscles, but apparently I did-nice!), but the pain meds seem to help it.  I think it looks like a worm underneath tape.  It mostly hurts when I laugh, cough, or breathe heavily (I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true—yes, it totally sucks.)  It hurt mostly when my mom came home with these hideous butterfly pajama pants asking if I liked them.  After a big belly laugh, I told her they were too loud and obnoxious and her response was that, “I like them.  They have butterflies!  It’s like you’re flying free from surgery!”  She is so thoughtful, yet strange.  Now I really know where I get it….love you Wom!

The other incision is on the back of my head.  Lucky for me, I don’t have to look at this all the time!  I mean they shaved the back of my head pretty good and they are REAL staples INTO. MY. HEAD.  Eek!  There is a weird bouncy-ball sized bump back there that I’m waiting to hear back about from my physician assistant about because it’s freaking me out and I just want reassurance that all this is “normal.”

If all my questions are answered to my liking today, I am pretty sure I will be making the trek to Door County this weekend for my beloved friends’ wedding- Jenna and Mike!  It will be really nice to take a break from all this insanity and “party” with my friends.  By party I mean sitting and watching them drink [too much] and dance [awkwardly].  But hey- I’ll have ALL the stories no one else can remember the next day!  Fingers crossed the doc gives me the OK today!

2013-07-18 10.48.03 2013-07-18 10.47.39

2013-07-18 10.45.48 2013-07-18 10.46.53


3 thoughts on “1 week post-shunt surgery

  1. All of us here at the Thomas house are thinking about you every day! Praying will be done on Tuesday. My mother-in-law said she has been praying for you too! By the way, her brother had tumor removed quite a few years ago and she said he had no pain post-surgery. His was in the front, so I don’t know if that makes any difference, but I thought I’d let you know that. Hope to see you soon!!! : ) Love, Aunt Mb

  2. You are very brave to post these pictures, Skrillex! Have a safe and excellent time this weekend. Take it easy! See you Sunday. Love you.

  3. those stitches are beautiful Kel and THEY DO NOT SHOW UNDER YOUR HAIR. Have a good time this weekend and when you get back you will be so glad you went! The time will fly by and next week you will be home and all will be accomplished. Dont let that sense of humor go bye bye with Trudy!!!!

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