ABR Test

Today my mom and I drove down to Loyola (once again—we’re getting PRETTY good at it!) to have my ABR test performed.  ABR stands for “Auditory Brainstem Response” and I was told it was like another hearing test.  Babies have these performed on them because they cannot raise their hand when they hear a beep, and doctors need to know if children are hearing, obviously,  or if there are any red flags such as tumors suspected from the test—eek!  I already know Trudy exists, so I didn’t expect any surprises.  To be honest, I’m still not quite sure why I had this test performed, but it was my doctor’s order, so I said oke-doke!

The super-sweet audiologist said I would hear what sounded like helicopters in my ears and just to lay there and do nothing- easy enough!  “Try to relax your shoulders and neck as much as possible.  Pretend you are laying on the beach and there is paparazzi hovering over you in helicopters.”  At this moment, I was like “Hmm, does she know me?  Does she know how celeb-obsessed I am and how this sounded kind of ‘fun’ for me?”

So I laid there, for maybe 40 minutes.  Crickets.  I hear nothing, and I said nothing to her.  She turns on the lights and says, “Ok, you’re done!”  I was like, “Umm, I literally didn’t hear ANYTHING that entire time, and I know from my hearing test that I still have some hearing.”  She responds, “Ohh, no wonder your results were so poor!”  So then, we do it again.  This time- helicopters!  Yayy, I still have some hearing left!  After another 30 minutes or so I was done and she said the results would be given to my ENT.  She said my right ear was beautiful and responded normally.  As for my left, she would have to look into why it responded the way it did.  I had one word- TRUDY.


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