A few special thank yous

Throughout this entire journey so far I have truly realized how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I told you, too, this whole experience is making me into a sap, which I like to think I am not. I’m a tough cookie, right!? I mean HELLO- the name Kelly means “warrior woman!” With that being said, there is a very special lady I’d like to thank for suggesting I see Dr. Leonetti, who is my ENT doctor. That lady is Chris Lischett! Chris is a dear family friend that I’ve known basically my entire life. Chrissy, thank you a million times over for getting me in to see him last Monday.

Chris went to Wheeling High School with this bright fellow and has remained friends since! She contacted him on the 4th of July at Jeather’s when we were all kind of freaking out over this whole thing. He, I repeat HE, contacted me directly on my cell phone and was able to see me right after the holiday weekend. How lucky am I? As some of you may have researched, he is at the top of the class in his field and I could not have been placed in better hands (sick brag, I know). So again, thank you Chris Lischett! You are my shining star! 🙂

Another big thank you tonight goes out to all my friends—Courtney & Jay (missed you tonight; hope new baby Vincent has the same temperament as Gino, hehe!), Kim & Mahony, Jessi & Nick, Jesse & Wienold, Chernick & Kelly, and of course my brother-in-law Rick, and boyfriend Ryan! They were kind enough to bring pizzas over tonight and even got me a little surprise. They got me the new iPad! I am turning into one spoiled chick. It was so great taking my mind off things tonight and hanging with close friends. Thank you guys for coming over and for your continued generosity!

Mahony put it best, I look like a tourist in this hat holding my exciting new items, but I was self-conscious about my bald spot with staples in the back of my head, so cut me some slack!Image


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