Homecoming #1

Great news!  As usual, Kelly was super strong and doing better than expected.  The doctors agreed that she was ready to come home today!  (this is Katie)

She is still in a lot of pain because (in my opinion) the surgery was way bigger than we expected it to be. She has an incision on her head, which is about 2 inches and another on her abdomen, which is about 3 inches. Both of these are causing pain, but the doctors said they should heal pretty well within a week.  Her neck and back are both very sore as well as the doctors had to create a track for the tubing of the shunt.  

Kelly is happy to be in the comfort of her own home, but is sad to leave such great care (we have some pretty big shoes to fill). For now, she’s just trying to rest and heal.  

Thanks for checking in, hope you all have a great weekend! 


One thought on “Homecoming #1

  1. I am so glad you are home. Read your blog last night (Karly sent me the link)
    I laughed and cried 😂all at the same time. Couldn’t help thinking about a rod Stewart song…You Wear it 🎶Well and laughing about the time we saw him and he was wearing a pink lame suit. Thinking of you..rest!

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