Shunt happens

Hey everyone, it’s Katie filling in for Kelly tonight 🙂  Disclaimer: I’m not as funny as Kelly.

All went well with the shunt surgery, she’s currently recovering in the ICU.  She’ll be in the ICU until sometime tomorrow and then they’ll move her to a regular room. We are hoping she can leave by Saturday.  She’s in some pain, but the nurses have been great and giving her meds as needed.  Her neurosurgeon (with a few Doogie Howser’s in tow) stopped by to check in on her, such a smart guy!

Kelly’s spirits were average until she turned on the TV to Grease playing on AMC (her fav movie).  Instantly brought a smile to her face and should help pass the next couple hours. That’s all for tonight, I’ll blog again tomorrow if there are any updates.



6 thoughts on “Shunt happens

  1. You look great Kel! Glad to hear all went well! : ) One day at a time… And it will be over before you know it!

  2. Odd, but that is the cutest darn picture of you and Ryan!!!! Keep up the good spirits Kelly! Reading that Grease was on TV put a smile on my face too! Your good attitude and sense of humor will get you through this! Hang in there! Love from all the St.Joneses

  3. Well, only if Trudy gets her own “extra” pages at the front of the calendar. Otherwise, Ryan will get cut right outta there 🙂 Yay Superhealer Goo!

  4. well, you know what, I already copied that pic into my computer for the calendar. I guess I will have to make an exception and let Ryan in. Is this going to set a precedent?

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